Carol Morrison

Carol Morrison was born in Leeds, England and immigrated to Halifax to work at the Halifax Laboratory of the Department of Fisheries and Oceans as a research scientist. After the Laboratory closed in 1997, she obtained a retraining grant to take her life-long passion for painting to a more professional level. She completed her BFA degree in 2005, while continuing to work with a group researching juvenile diabetes at the IWK Health Centre.

Her interest in investigating the natural world around her, which led her to a career as a biologist, has also led to paintings of landscape, still life and portraits. She is most influenced by the vibrant colors and expressive yet delicate brushwork of Tom Thomson and the Group of Seven, and uses similar techniques to express her fascination with painting the changing seasons in Nova Scotia. She enjoys plein-air painting, surrounded by nature, but also paints larger scenes using these small works and photographs she has taken for reference. Her final show at NSCAD was of full-length portraits. One of these, of a co-worker at the IWK, was bought by the NS Art Bank. She has received several commissions for portraits since her graduation.

Carol’s work can be seen in “From Land and Sea. Nova Scotia’s Contemporary Landscape Artists”. Editor Dee Appleby. Nimbus Publishing. 2009.

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