Kelly Mitchelmore

Kelly Mitchelmore BID, artist/designer:
Native to Nova Scotia, Kelly is a fan of “support local”. She is involved with several local art festivals, charities, and associations believing that your community is only as good as you make it. Currently residing in Windsor Nova Scotia, Kelly enjoys the quiet beauty of her small town while painting in her old Victorian home – usually to loud music with a glass of wine.

Kelly has a Bachelor of Applied Interior Design from Mount Royal University – this has been incredibly beneficial with her approach to art through the various perspective classes, layout presentation courses and light and colour theory programs as well as the business and marketing courses. Mostly self-taught, Kelly grew up drawing and painting with her grandmother, Jean Mosher,  who was a beloved Nova Scotian painter. Following her grandmother’s contemporary approach to painting, Kelly discovered the impasto technique in 2011 and found her own personal style and touch.

“I believe that art is a many facet thing both tangible and unreachable at the same time. It can be a simple print that made you smile or an incredible masterpiece that made you cry – it touches all of us differently. That’s the magic. I hope you enjoy this example of my work and feel a little magic yourself – or at least a little smile……”
Kelly paints in both acrylic and oil and mostly creates contemporary floral and scenic pieces using mainly painting knives and trowels.  Kelly prefers to paint on large stretched canvases or wooden panels using a heavy pallet of bright and intense colours. She does not use mediums or fillers but rather layers the paint, producing complex hues and textures. Not a fan of being confined or limited by structure, the shape and composition often form as she paints. This allows more freedom and a bond is formed between the artist and the work as they both go through the creation together.  Known for her poppies, her work is bright and bold and has movement with a 3d-like finish.

Kelly is largely a nocturnal painter –  preferring to avoid any natural light and closing off the windows so that the only light used is the light on the canvas. This way she controls the play of light and the work has a bright concentrated look to it when in the daylight. Kelly likes to paint standing up so that she can move quickly with knife strokes and enjoy loud music as she creates.

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