NR Miller Charcoal Artist

Natasha Miller is a self-taught artist who was born and raised on Vancouver Island and travelled by boat to the east coast of Canada where she currently lives and paints on a tiny island in the Bay of Fundy. Natasha has pioneered a unique painting technique where she creates waterscapes and landscapes using homemade maple charcoal,soot and ash from her wood fired pizza oven and acrylic paint for the bold silhouettes and pops of colours. Most paintings consist of 40-60 layers of medium and sealers and usually take over a month to complete. She has always drawn inspiration from the dusk and dawn created silhouettes all around - especially trees and rugged coastlines, the sea and it's boats, birds and beaches and her current work reflects this. 

Natasha's work is quickly gaining momentum and collectibility through her participation in international art fairs, her representation in a dozen commercial galleries in North America and through an ongoing touring 40 piece exhibition through a France based gallery.

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